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Boom Beach Integrated – Dr. T vs Everybody


We worked with the Boom Beach game team to give Dr. T, one of the main villains, a brand new in-game super weapon.

Then we made a campaign where Dr. T took over the real world, and challenged everybody to come to the game and stop him.

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Boom Beach Started Its New Campaign on TV and Will End It in the Game This Friday –Adweek

A Mad Scientist Took Over the Airwaves to Announce a Super Weapon He’s Dropping Next Week –AdAge

Supercell's Super Villain Dr. T Takes Over the Airwaves to Promote Super Weapon in 'Boom Beach' –Creativity

One Show Merit Award –The One Club for Creativity

Made with Chris Sheldon and Chase Kimball. Creative direction by Matty Smith, Joey Ianno, Ian Reichenthal (ECD), and Gerry Graf (CCO). Design by Matt Egan and April McMullan. Produced by Cameron Farrell, Daniela Contreras, Wayne Treptow, and Josh Morse.

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Bob’s Discount Furniture


Bob’s Discount Furniture Debuts Its First Work From Barton F. Graf –AdAge

'Discount' doesn't mean 'cheap' in Bob's Discount Furniture's first campaign from Barton F. Graf –Creativity pick of the day

Made with Jake Tannery, Sara Carr, and Jesse Brown. Creative direction by Kasia Canning, Zoe Kessler, and Gerry Graf (CCO). Produced by Cameron Farrell.

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Clash Royale 2v2 – 3 Minute Friends Forever


Clash Royale launched a new 2v2 version of their game.

We made a campaign where partners describe what it's like to play a 3 minute match of Clash Royale 2v2 together, in the way that only 2v2 partners can do – collaborating, fixing each other's mistakes, and building off of one another just like they're playing the game.

Unskippable YouTube ad placement:

Made with Mike Devine, Scott Minnear, Joey Ianno, and Chris Stephens. Creative direction by Joey Ianno, Chris Stephens, Jeff Benjamin (ECD), and Gerry Graf (CCO). Directed by Jon Watts. Animation direction by Matt Taylor at Titmouse. Produced by Theresa Reyes and Josh Morse.

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Clash of Clans – April Fools’ Day


Every Clash of Clans player knows there’s a time and place where you shouldn’t be playing.

April Fools’ Day Solution:
Gigantic phone cases shaped like weapons from Clash of Clans, so that no one will ever figure out you’re playing Clash of Clans.

We launched the phone cases on the official Clash of Clans blog at midnight on April 1st. Individual videos came out later that morning on all social channels in local markets.

To amp up the ridiculousness, we made it so you could actually get one of these cases – if you had a 3D printer. 3D printer files and instruction manuals for each case were hosted on the blog.

Made with Christian Chico. Creative direction by Matty Smith, Jeff Benjamin (ECD), and Ian Reichenthal (ECD). Produced by Theresa Reyes. Films directed by Robert Boocheck. Additional photography by Saul Metnick.

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Little Caesars

2016, 2017

Made with Kate Overholt. Creative direction by Matt Moore, Jonathan Vingiano, and Scott Vitrone (ECD). Art and animation by James Kerr. Produced by Cameron Farrell.

Then, in 2017, Facebook invited us to a hackathon to beta test their new interactive ad unit, Canvas. One of the things you can do is pan side to side in a video by tilting your phone left and right. So we took this feature to its logical conclusion, and hid fun surprises off-screen, to the left and right.

Facebook Is Using This Data to Pitch Canvas Ads to Mobile-Minded Marketers –Adweek

Little Caesars' Floating Heads 'Surprise' You in Facebook Canvas Campaign, Quirky Interactive Ad Evolved From Facebook Canvas 'Hackathon' –Creativity Online

Global winner of a Facebook Award in the category, “These campaigns made us laugh.”

Made with Chris Sheldon. Based on the Little Caesars "Faces" broadcast spot by Jesse Brown and Nick Labbé.

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Clash Royale Game Content


New in-game skins that give your cards shiny gold clothes but doesn't make them stronger:

A spooky new card:

A new character with a warning label:

A sporty new character:

Celebrating a new gameplay mode where you and a Clanmate could battle together (2v2) for the first time in the game's history:

“Star Level Collection” made with Jake Tannery and Lucas Tristao. Creative direction by Avi Baliga, Zoe Kessler, and Gerry Graf (CCO). Directed by Borja Peña Gorostegui at Psyop.

“Graveyard”, “Electro Wizard”, “Elite Barbarians”, and “Clan Battles” made with Christian Chico. Creative direction by Joey Ianno. Creative direction on “Clan Battles” also by Jeff Benjamin (ECD). Respectively produced by Cameron Farrell, Erica Kahr/Zack Grant, and Zack Grant again.

“Clan Battles” directed by Robert Boocheck.

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Dunkin' Espresso


Made with Chris Kim. Creative direction by Doug Fallon (ECD) and Steve Fogel (ECD). Produced by Katie Greene.

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Happy Hour Jingles


We tried to write 10 jingles during one happy hour session.
We ended up with 11, so you get an extra free!

Made with Edwin Poché.

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Single Serving Websites

Some single serving websites I've conceived and coded, and still foot the yearly bills for.

Click to enter – StackOverflow says never use "Click to enter" on a website.

The Generator Generator – Have online generators gone too far? Made with Steve Nass.

Where’s Walldo? – Where’s Walldo?

eyeOrEll – A typography test, made with Edwin Poché.

The Ylue Log – An interactive Christmas experience! Made with Steve Nass.

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